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For prototyping/debugging/analyzing, sometimes you need a LIVE machine. We call these Sessions.

Session features:

  • Change Machine Instance Type
  • Use Spot Instance
  • Mount multiple GPUs
  • Auto-mount datastores
  • Pre-installed JupyterLab
  • SSH access
  • Visual Studio Code access
  • Pause the session to save work and pause expenses
  • Resume where you left off

Product Tour​

Click here for the 1-minute tour of Sessions

Start a Session​

The equivalent via the CLI command:

# session with 2 M60 GPUs
grid session create --instance_type 2_m60_8gb

Listing sessions in the CLI:

grid session

Delete a Session​

The equivalent CLI command:

grid session delete GRID_SESSION_NAME

Pausing/Resuming a Session​

As we will not be working 24/7 on our sessions it is important to pause them to not consume our credits. Resuming will bring back your session with all packages you have installed previously.


grid session pause GRID_SESSION_NAME


grid session resume GRID_SESSION_NAME

Change Session Instance Type​

# Note: at the moment it is required that you first pause the session
grid session pause GRID_SESSION_NAME

grid session change-instance-type GRID_SESSION_NAME g4dn.xlarge

More details on how to change Session instance type can be found here