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Getting Started with Grid


For all code snippets you can modify the instance type to suit your needs. Please see the billings page for machine options and price and the machines page for recommended machine types.

Grid Installation


  1. Python 3.8+

Installation steps

The following steps will install the Grid cli tool. Grid commands can then be invoked by calling grid <grid command> <grid command parameters>.

  1. pip install lightning-grid --upgrade
  2. sshfs

Install sshfs Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

sudo apt-get install sshfs

Install sshfs MacOs

This is dependent on MacFuse and will yield an error with a vanilla brew install. See here for resolution.

Login steps

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in/create an account
  3. Click your user profile icon
  4. Click 'Settings'
  5. Click 'API Keys' tab

You will now see the exact command you can use to login to grid and will be authenticated to run all CLI commands :).

Setting Up Grid

To get the full power of Grid, it is important to integrate your Github account with your Grid account. This will enable Grid to then utilize your public repositories for training. You will also have the option to give Grid access to your private repositories; by default Grid will not have read/write access to your private repositories.

Github Integration

See here for detailed steps on how to integrate Grid with GitHub.


See the typical workflows pages for some tutorial walkthroughs with the product!