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Known Issues

Last Updated: July 15, 2022

  • The "Description" field for Runs and Sessions has been deprecated and removed from Run and Session configuration. However, the field still appears in Run/Session details as editable and will be removed in a future release.


  • Creating runs with the same name across two cluster is currently supported, but prohibits certain operations against runs/experiments.
  • BYOC can only support instance types with the x86_64 architecture. The instance families of the following instance types are known to not be supported due to their architecture: A1, T4g, M6g, C6g, G5g, and R6g.


  • Downloading artifacts from a teammate's experiments is not supported from the CLI. Please use the UI as a workaround.


  • When creating a Datastore, data directories that contain soft symlinks files will cause the Datastore upload to fail. To prevent this failure, update soft symlinks to hard links.


  • For runs with CPU specify --cpu flag: When you run an experiment on CPU instance type, you need to specify the no of --cpu flag in the run command or the run will use only 1 cpu. The cpu no should be 1 less cpu than maximum CPUs on the instance, since Grid uses 1 cpu for its processing.

  • Folder size for --localdir: When using the --localdir option the folder sizes are recommended to stay under 50MB

  • When creating a run in the UI, specify the path to the github repo where the script is located. Providing the URL to the specific script is not currently supported.


  • Cloning a Github repo with SSH is currenlty not supported. Insead, use Github's HTTPS clone method.


  • Currently, artifact downloads are not optimized for a large number of files. This can lead to excessively long download times.