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Private Repos

Grid Runs offers two solutions for using private repos:

  1. Grant Grid access to your private GitHub repos
  2. Utilize the --localdir CLI option when creating a Run

Integrating with GitHub

See here for detailed steps for integrating GitHub with Grid.

The --localdir Option

Currently, Grid has a native Github integration to allow running code from public or private repositories. There is currently no support for integration with other code repository providers like BitBucket, Gitlab, etc. We provide the --localdir feature within Grid run to allow users to run scripts from an arbitrary local directory, regardless of where that code is hosted. The main benefit of this feature is for users that do not need to grant Grid access to their code repository accounts. Below is an example usage of the grid run --localdir option.


Grid will upload the entire contents of your directory to our system. Make a .gridignore file to limit what we upload!

grid run --localdir

If you have additional questions about Runs, visit the FAQ. The section is periodically updated this with common questions from the Grid community.