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Deleting Datastores

Once you are finished using a dataset, you may wish to remove a particular version of a datastore.


Please be careful!

Datastore deletion is immediate and unrecoverable. If the delete operation reports that the request was successful (e.g. the datastore is not in use by a Session or Run when the delete request was issued), then the data has already begun a rapid removal routine and there is nothing that can cancel, interrupt, or reverse the process!

Deleting a datastore can be done via either the CLI or the UI, and requires that you specify both the Datastore name and desired version to delete.

Multiple datasets uploaded to a Datastore using the same name will create independent versions. Each dataset / Datastore instance is automatically assigned a unique (and previously unused) version number starting at 1 and incrementing on each subsequent upload.

If you only need some specific version of a datastore name, it is SAFE to delete any/all other versions of the Datastore. The data contained in each version is complete, immutable, and independent of any other Datastore version.


Datastores cannot be deleted if they are in use by a Session or Run; if you attempt to delete a datastore which is mounted into a running resource, the delete request will fail and report the name of the session/run which is using the datastore.

Using the CLI

Let's say I created a few different variations of the same Datastore named "my-training-data" as I was experimenting with pre-processing algorithms for a model I was in the process of training. I have versions 1, 2, 3, and 4 available, but I'm only happy with versions 2 and 4. Because I'm a conciencious user who doesn't want to abuse the free storage I'm using for this data, I'm going to delete versions 1 and 3. I look at the grid datastore delete command reference and am able to execute the following commands to clean up after myself!

grid datastore delete --name my-training-data --version 1
grid datastore delete --name my-training-data --version 3

Using the UI

Deleting a single version of a datastore in the UI is currenly not supported. If you try to delete a datastore with multiple versions, it will delete all versions of that datastore.