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July 9, 2021


Multinode Training (BETA)

Multi-node training is now publicly available to Grid community members for Early Access. You can submit multi-node training runs through the UI and CLI. Documentation for multi-node training can be found here. Please submit feedback for the multi-node experience through Slack or [email protected]

New Features:

  • Examples for running Julia programs on Grid


  • Build Logs and Stdout Logs can now be viewed in full screen


  • Fix for users being stuck in phone validation loop

  • Issues with metrics display have been resolved

  • Fixes a UI issue with listing files from a github repo during run creation

Known Issues

  • Runs may take a little longer than usual to start - this is an issue we are addressing for our next release

July 7, 2021


  • Files not being listed in Run dialog when choosing script

  • Fixes related to mounting shared datastores when using collaboration

July 2, 2021


  • Datastores can be mounted for runs and sessions in Collaboration Early Access

  • Support for multiple availability zones when using custom AWS credentials


  • Improvements to front-end logs(streaming logs)

  • Fixes for Grid Badges

  • Fixes for cloning runs

  • Better navigation of runs table

Known issues

  • Julia programs may not work consistently in this release, addressing next week

  • Datastores last updated field does not populate in the UI

June 30, 2021


  • Automatic pausing of interactive session if credits are low

  • New CLI commands grid edit and grid delete for custom AWS credentials


  • Improved logs

  • Grid Actions are fixed

  • Better support for adding your own credentials

  • Improved Datastores in Collaboration: (Enterprise and Early Access participants only)

June 23, 2021



  • Issues with Session costs not updating properly have been resolved

  • Fixes an issue where deleting a run in the UI would lead to a page error

June 14, 2021


  • Sessions now support Julia and R languages within JupyterLab.

  • Utilities added to jupyterlab environments tree, tmux, and gpustat

  • The grid stop command can be used to stop a session, run, or experiment. Note that using this command for a session will delete the session entirely. To pause a session, continue using grid session pause.

  • Use the grid user command to show information of the logged in user.


  • Deprecated grid train in favor of grid run.

  • Deprecated grid interactive in favor of grid session.

  • Deprecated grid cancel in favor of grid stop.


  • Fixes an issue with generating ssh keys with whitespace in the ssh comments #50

  • Prevents users from being stuck in a phone verification loop if verification fails initially.

  • Improvements to cloning runs - a clone of a spot instance is automatically a spot instance run.

  • Fixes live streaming of logs

  • Several improvements to documentation, especially to the CLI API reference and training examples

June 4, 2021


  • New style formatting to CLI help text. Check it out with grid --help !

  • The interactive command is deprecated and will be removed in a later release. Use session instead. Example: grid session pause prudent-ara-859


  • Fixed a bug where in certain cases where spot runs would be killed and restarted

  • Fixed a bug with certain disappearing artifacts at the end of trainin

May 28, 2021

Added CLI updates

  • Parameters prefixed with "grid_" or "g_" are deprecated and will be removed in a later release. Use their non-prefixed variants instead. For example, grid run --g_instance_type is now grid run --instance_type

  • The CLI command for grid datastores has been updated to grid datastore {option}. Ex: Use grid datastore to list all existing datastores.

  • Use grid sync-env to synchronize the requirements file with packages and versions from the currently active environment.

  • To open up the CLI docs directly from the terminal, use grid docs

May 6, 2021

Bug fixes patch release

May 4, 2021

Interruptible Machines(Spot Instances)

April 28, 2021


  • Jupyterlab images includes less

  • Improved status change updates in UI and CLI

  • "Connect via SSH" includes full session name


  • Mount directory is optional when creating datastores

  • Other bug fixes

April 16, 2021


  • More accurate estimated costs.

  • Share button, Github badge and cloning of experiments/runs.

  • Dark mode

  • Build logs now show up on the details page

  • Stdout logs can now be downloaded


  • Certain cases where runs would stay queued for a while

  • Delays in getting metrics

  • Saving large files on Sessions

  • Charts not refreshing #29

April 13, 2021

We are now live! Grid platform is accessible via our new website:

Sign in via Github or gmail and get started!

April 9, 2021

UI Enhancements

When you log in to Grid, you will be asked for phone verification. This is for security reasons. You will be doing this only once.

New Run workflow is simplified with less steps, three frameworks to choose from.

Hyper parameter values have better visualization with rounding of precision

Support for Mobile

Web Interface now has minimal functionality on a mobile device

CLI Bug fixes

New version v0.3.60. And many other fixes

April 7, 2021

Clone your runs in the UI

We've added lots of new features to the UI including cloning a run! Lot of times, you may want to re-run with minor modifications or maybe run on a different GPU. You can do that now by simply going to the run and click Clone Run, then populate with your choice of parameters etc and done!

Downloading artifacts all together just got easier in the CLI

Download all artifacts to a directory using --download_dir

grid artifacts --download_dir DIRECTORY Download directory that will host all artifact files

CSV table

You can now download a CSV showing the contents of the experiments table


The charts are much more robust, with:

  • zoom

  • smoothing

  • tooltips

  • resizing of charts

Many bug fixes

And otherwise, a TON of bug fixes, updated docs, and more information is available about runs and experiments.

March 26, 2021

New and Improved UI Experience We've added lots of new features to the UI including a new view for experiment metrics, a full-screen artifacts explorer, and a really cool hyperparameter view.

Experiment Metrics Now you can view and compare experiment metrics right from the Runs page in the Grid UI. Click the icons next to each chart to:

  • change the log scale

  • zoom in on the chart

  • refresh the chart

Artifacts Explorer View the artifacts of a specific experiment by clicking on that experiment's details. View and compare artifacts of multiple experiments by using the new artifacts explorer which you can also browse in full screen.

Hyperparameter View We've added support for toggling on/off hyperparameters while viewing your experiments.

March 19, 2021

Dashboard UI now shows a list of Active runs and sessions.

The “Runs” page is improved for usability, showing the Runs panel on a column instead of a whole page table. The experiments section has many enhancements including scalars charts, hyperparameter columns. Tensorboard invocation and refresh are located just above the Experiments table area.

Scalars can now be visualized on the Runs page in the Experiment Metrics area.

Hyperparameters are visible in the Experiments table to easily filter or compare.

Datastores upload user interactions are improved; you can now see a progress bar showing datastore upload percentage and ability to cancel.

Datastore uploads from the CLI are more reliant to network interruptions. The web UI now remembers preferences for instance type used for each project and script